About Me

Inbound Marketing, Operational Leadership, Processes Development, Problem Solving and Customer service oriented

Who I am

My name is Nelson Martinez

I am an online business integrator, I specialize in online project management, I can help you with your business from the conceptualization of the idea to its execution and completion.

How do I do it?

I plan, create, delegate, track and measure results. Always with strategies based on big data and accompanied by an excellent team of online professionals.

I am an online strategist with more than 15 years of experience, I lead teams of professionals in inbound marketing:

  • Web development: WordPress & CMS HubSpot
  • Asana Certified Pro - Project Management
  • HubSpot Solutions Partner
    • Marketing Hub
    • Sales Hub
    • CMS Hub
    • Operations Hub
    • Customer Service Hub
  • SEO: Brand Image & Online reputation
  • Inbound Marketing, Social Media, and Community Management.
  • Big data analysis and Online Strategy Building
NelsonMRZ - Project Management

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Study Cases

Database and Leads Management

The problem:

A real estate company was using project management software to manage its leads, causing duplicate processes and overwork for the team. Florida, EEUU.

What I did: 

  • I ran a diagnosis of the acquisition and lead management process. Verifying that the software used at that time was the wrong one for the process.
  • Led, accompanied, and supervised the migration of the day-to-day operations from the project management software to HubSpot Sales Hub
  • Database and CRM standardization, apps integration and process automation.
  • Acquisitions Team Lead Training. 

Project in partnership with The Back-Office Club

The Results

  • Standard Operations Processes allows Acquisition's team lead to expanding the team.
  • Acquisitions team productivity increased by 40%
  • By having the operation inside the Hubspot platform, it is very easy for the company from now on to scale the operation and integrate into one place: CRM, website, sales, purchases, operations, customer service and more.
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The Weedkly

Brand Image and Web Development

Project Management of construction and conceptualization of the brand The Weedkly. GOAL: Build a blog aimed at the proper use of cannabis and its derivatives. Madrid, Spain.

  • Brand Design
  • Web Development & SEO
  • Content Generation
  • Lead Generation 

Online Reputation Defender: Business Group

The problem:

Defamation of false content on the reputation of an important business group was causing problems in business agreements with potential clients/partners. San José, Costa Rica.

What I did: 

  • I assembled and led a team of experts in SEO, Public Relations, Damage Control, and Content Generation and we developed an aggressive SEO/RRPP strategy.

Project in partnership with AMLA Consulting

The Results

  • In 6 months, we managed to control and position the narrative of 98% of the results of the first page of Google about the business group.
  • We generate opportunities for the business group to declare in the media, which resulted in a strengthening of their online reputation. 
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